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More on Nimrina

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Thursday, September 14, 2006, 3:49
Not much to add, but since the list has been pretty quiet, here's some
more Nimrina.

pávia    a tail
apávia   tails (reduplication of initial vowel)
páviat   the tail
tapávia  the tails
paviamu  my tail
paviáti  your tail
paviatta his, her, its tail

Basic verb conjugations

Regular intransitive
uhla-    sleep
uhlan    I sleep (slept, etc.) < uhla-n
uhlis    you sleep < uhla-is
uhlat    he, she, it sleeps < uhla-t
vuhla    we sleep < v-uhla-a
uhles    you sleep (pl.) < uhla-es
uhla     they sleep < uhla-e
uhlo     sleeping, sleeper < uhla-o
uhlas    sleep, to sleep < uhla-s

Regular transitive
súv-     eat
súvú     I eat < súv-hú
súvis    you eat < súv-is
súst     he, she, it eats < súv-t
súva     we eat < v-súv-a
súves    you eat (pl.) < súv-es
súvut    they eat < súv-ut
sasúvat  eaten, food < redupl. + súv-at
súvo     eating, eater < súv-o
súst     act of eating, to eat < súv-t