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From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, August 11, 2001, 19:50
In a message dated 11.08.2001 08:13:37 AM, ray.brown@FREEUK.COM writes:

>The original Greek has: pístis, elpís, agápE (the last letter being eta) > >The corresponding phrase in the Vulgate has: fides, spes, caritas > >In my Welsh New Testament it is: fydd, gobaith, cariad > >The Esperanto Bible has: fido, espero, amo > >In Mote (Speedwords), 'twould be: fid, atu, am
In Kaos Babul Ingaliz: fido, gungho, mush [alternatively: fido, gungho, gui] the _fido_ here is not directly based on Esperanto or Latinate, but rather on the idea of "faithful like Fido"; _gungho_ is originally Chinese, "appropriated" by American military forces circa WW2 (to be specific, the Marines in 1942), spred to American slang, and now highly mutated into connoting "to have fierce strength and cunning to face the future no matter what odds are stacked against oneself and/or one's group"; _mush_ is from American slang and the acronym for "More Unbearable Sh*t and Heart/Headache" _gui_ is from "gooey", as in "gooey as a fruitbat" ___________________________________________ "One thing foreigners, computers, and poets have in common is that they make unexpected linguistic associations." - Jasia Reichardt ________________________________________ ORTHOGRAPHIC CORRECTION/LEXICON UP-DATE re: Kaos Babul Ingaliz: In a message dated 10.08.2001 05:38:07 AM, Sylvia Sotomayor (kelen@IX.NETCOM.COM) writes: >Properly seasoned, you'd make a handsome meal. In Kaos Babul Ingaliz (NOTE: lexicon & orthography is still tentative, in mutation): Yu sapoz bon fashin bin karri lah yu hasard bi nanosek eno mega movi-stah chow-chow stap. You/suppose/good/fashion/[PTPart.]/curry/[*]/ you/chance/be/nanosecond/one/big/movie-star/meal/stop. [PTPart.] ===> Past Tense Particle [*] ===> grammatical particle