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Re: Religion-Names in Conlangs.

From:list James E. Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Saturday, December 26, 1998, 17:46
The Druni have three native religions although a certain amount of combining
and coalescing is taking place.

1) The Majority Religion:  "Ta Muudas" (tah moo-oo-DAHS) literally "Unity-ism"
based on the Teachings of the Blessed Prophet Talor-Shirel (ta Satapit Zuur
Talor-Shirel): Three Unities, One Great Balance "Min Muudu, Mu Pelikilun"
(meen moo-oo-DOO, moo peh-lee-kee-LOON). Monotheistic, revelatory, but early
on coalesced with shamanic and animistic beliefs.

2) "Ta Tamuas" (tah ta-moo-AHS) literally "The-One-ism" oldest Druni religion,
tends toward non-tolerance of other belief systems, rejected Teachings of
Talor-Shirel and the Name He used for Creator (Uramun - Great Friend). They
retain the more tradtional Name for the Creator "Tamu" [the One]) hence their
designation. They base their beliefs on the Book of Kountas [ta Feresh
Kountasa] , a sage who independently found the truth. The Tamuan religion is
NOT however revelatory, no Prophets or Avatars just direct contact with Tamu.
They feel that with enough self-discipline (sashuv)  anyone could write their
own book of spiritual truths.

3)  "Ta Hazbat ta Talmenshunekarun" (tah hahz-BAHT tah tahl-mehn-shoo-neh-KAH-
roon) "The Way of the Spirit-Seers"  Second oldest Druni religion based on the
animistic idea of "Talmen" universal spirit energy found in all things,and on
those who could sense and manipulate this energy: ta Talmenshuneku. With the
Arrival of Talor-Shirel most Spirit-Seer believers joined His religion
bringing with them their animistic and shamanic ways. These were easily
accepted into the religion of the Muudtanu. Only a few of those who follow the
Talmenshuneku remain outside the sphere of the Muudas.

Main Druni (Muudas) religious festival is the "Harkaz Talglanarun" (tah hahr-
KAHZ tah tahl-glah-NAH-roon) "the Night of Candles" celebrating the Arrival of
Talor-Shirel (ta Kadim Talor-Shirela),

The Tamuans celebrate "Ta Zhanal ta Feresha Kountasa" (tah zhah-NAHL tah feh-
REH-shah koh-oon-TAH-sah) "The Festival of the Book of Kountas"

The Talmenshuneku celebrate four main Days: ta Harkazun (tah hahr-kah-ZOON)
Winter Solstice, ta Aspalun (tah ah-spah-LOON) Summer Solstice, ta Az ta
Ananosa (tah AHZ tah ah-nah-NOH-sah the Jewel of Flowering (month-long), and
ta Az ta Beyrumosa (tah AHZ tah bay-roo-MOH-sah) the Jewel of Harvesting

Sabutovon Drunay (Greetings from Drun)
Jim H
ta Druntan