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Rihana: Hetiba-ye Diha-fe 10A

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, June 5, 2004, 17:51
This text  is numbered 10A, without a 10, because in this form (as far as I
have discovered in my search of these documents) it only exists in Kushy
Yemu--there is no Rihana-ye version. However, the narrative describes events also
described in other Rihana-ye texts. These events took place after Vysuhulaya
(otherwise Vysuhulanyya, Vysuhuya, Bamalibate, Bamaliba,  or (in Text 9)
Zalibate) became governor of Hemanathe (Desertedge) province, by the charter printed
as Text 9.
John Leland

X.A. Kushy Yemu

Vysuhulaya Seyanakude y tyya mekedan meelu,
Redcoat Desertedge of lord made after,
seetyya y tyko memudan: "Kuya-ty setyna-kulu
rebels-of many said: We freedom-for
mevadan se ko ya tyya kedan. Ku-e setyya-ty
fought, not one man lord make. So rebels
Vysuhulaya-eku sefy, sesenono tyna-ty-kude
Redcoat-to not true,but mountains-at
vydan nono tyya-see mevadan. Hytynyya
lived and lord-against fought. Hotprince
nono Vysuhulaya tylyza-y, muya-ty-dane
and Redcoat very unhappy, messengers-by
seetyya-ty-eku mudan metymudan.
rebels-to say ordered.
Vysuhulaya-eelu muya memudan: "Kese noya-ty
Redcoat-from messenger said: "if you (pl.)
kuya-y tydana eludan, kuya-y tydana seetyya
our lordship take, our lorship rebel
 y tyty-eku ekudan, meelu dadan.
of all-to give after do...