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Re: a call for conlang greetings!

From:Nihil Sum <nihilsum@...>
Date:Monday, October 21, 2002, 2:12
A bit of a late reply to this thread, but...

Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
>I'm interested in new greetings and farewells--enough just to get a taste >for the conlang in question. Send them to me, on- or off-list, with the >name of your conlang, whatever name you wish to go by, and the conlang >website (if any).
Will do! RHEAN GREETINGS: Vai! -hi!, hello! (informal, also means "bye", see also below) Iz'na niir/usan/c'eraz -good day/morning/evening (niir, usan, c'eraz, are all in the accusative, implying "I wish you a good..."; |aya| is also used instead of |iz'na|) Kunie c'et? / C'u kiostac'? -How are you? (while |kunie c'et| literally means "how you-are?", |c'u kiostac'| means "are you in good health/spirits" and is usually answered yes/no. But there's like six words each for "yes" and for "no"*) Aya / aiki / kiostac'em -I am well. (|aya| = "good"; "aiki" = well / healthy; |kiostac'em| is a contraction of |kiostac' c'em|, meaning "in-good-health I-am") Dumen / finaki / finkiostac'em -I am not well (|dumen| = "bad"; "finaki" = "ill health"; |finkiostac'em| is a contraction of |fina kiostac' c'em|, meaning "in-ill-health I-am") ... yan mos'iz -My name is ... (literally "... me-ACC call-3pl", or "they call me...") Kunie lon mos'iz? -What is your name? (how do they call you?) Kunastrec'idve -Nice to meet you (from |kuna strec'dive| meaning "enjoyable in the act of meeting") Nastrec'u -see you later (contraction of |nar strec'aku| "until meeting") Iz'na blovut -goodbye (enjoy the rest [of the day, year, your life etc]; may be made specific for time: |Iz'na c'eraza blovut| "have a nice night (goodnight)"; |Iz'na enoc'ar blovut| "have a nice life (never see you again)" Vai! -bye! (vai is kind of like "aloha" this way) That's about it. * and if you want to know, the words for yes/no are as follows: Yes: Sai, s'e, aan, ven, ne, neven No: Mie, mai, mi, hi, pu, puven NS (I counter-endorse everything below this line.) _______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Unlimited Internet access -- and 2 months free! Try MSN.