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Random Mÿjatx Thoughts

From:Mia <lilami@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 7, 2000, 13:12
My new language got a name! It is now called Mÿjador (where ÿ is
[i]). [Acknowledgement: This name was given to the language by my
friend Jaeda. I remain grateful.)

I will have to post to conculture later about the culture that is
developing in my mind around the language. Let's just say, for
the moment, that they have been scattered in the world by
supernatural forces, and they are desperately clinging to their
language and culture. I'll work out the details as I go on...

Anyway, I have found myself developing two strains of Mÿjador.
Take this proverb meaning "The Gods are not subtle," for

Mÿjador A:
Ad derex etedje fÿyititx.
the gods are-neg. subtle(adj).

Mÿjador B:
Ad derex fÿyitedje.
The gods are-subtle-negation.

The former being a form that seems quite the English relex. The
latter shows interference of ea-luna in my head. :) I can see yet
other forms that would show more agreement:

Possible Mÿjador C:
Ax derex etedje fÿyitexitx (or fÿyititxex, though the former
feels more "right", with the plural coming before the adjective

It's coming along a little bit at a time. I may keep all the
strains, separate them, and work them around into separate
dialects influenced by other languages. After all, diasporate
times call for diasporate measures.


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