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Re : Conlang T-shirt

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Date:Monday, October 18, 1999, 22:03
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 18/10/99 22:32:56  , Irina a =E9crit :

> Something gives me the feeling that people expect me to have the > things made, and I hereby volunteer if you all agree and I can get a > good price;
i'm sure it'll be the best price - from my short experience of the=20 netherlands. I'll check it out tomorrow, but I expect something in the
> order of magnitude of 25 guilders (8 UKP, 11 euro, 12,50 USD). I'll > get back to administrative details as soon as I know more. > =20 > If I'm to be the perpetrator, I'll do it my own way: black with white > lettering
check how black ink wash-machines out. i had once a dutch T-shirt "the first thing we do : let's kill all the=20 lawyers" - a gift from a dutch collegue - which turned up slandering the very=20 respectable community of iavvvers after a couple washings. and as many languages as possible that still give legible
> letters (about the size of my fingernails). I don't think it's a good > thing to have only the best-known conlangs, and not only because that > would exclude mine; it's the enormous variety that makes us special. > =20
i agree baaah-baaah-wise. just make it pllllllease Irina.
> I'm collecting all text phrases; if you want it in your own script > please send me a GIF, black on white, preferably either with about > 1 cm high letters when printed or larger so I can reduce it, and > indicate which is the top so I don't make foolish mistakes. > =20
Roman script is left to right (just in case).
> Irina