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OT: XHTML 2 (was: Defending HTML4)

Date:Friday, January 9, 2004, 16:10
Tristan McLeay scripsit:

> Whereas XHTML2 *is* revolutionary. Someone who only learnt XHTML2.0 won't > understand a HTML 4 document, and our Rip van Winkle wannabe will be > similarly lost. (Frex the <img /> tag is gone from XHTML 2.0, replaced > with the nested <object /> (which you can use in XHTML 1, but Internet > Explorer is Special and doesn't understand it at all properly), or <p /> > will finally be able to contain things like tables and lists, or <h(n)> > are replaced by something like <section><heading>blah</heading> > <section><heading>blah</heading></section>.)
<plug> I have written a comprehensive presentation on XHTML 2 called "Moving Toward XHTML 2", which is available in several forms at: (Microsoft Powerpoint) ( 1.1) (PDF) It contains 117 slides and is fairly self-contained, though if anyone wants me to give the three-hour talk based on it, let me know and I'll be happy to do it for your organization. </plug> -- "What has four pairs of pants, lives John Cowan in Philadelphia, and it never rains but it pours?" --Rufus T. Firefly


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