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From:# 1 <salut_vous_autre@...>
Date:Thursday, January 27, 2005, 20:19
I was trying to find unusual sounds that would be pleasing to me and I
realized that when I make and implosive consonant and can release it
nasally(?) and it makes a nasal implosive

kinds of /b_<~/ or /m_</, /d_<~/ or /n_</, and /g_<~/ or /N_</

are there natlang using nasal implosives?

I imagine is probably possible to nasalize ejectives and clicks but I didn't
succed, probably because I'm not used to unvoiced nasals and that I still
not understood how are clicks produced.

I know that all the pulmonic consonants can be nasalised but I never saw it
for non-pulmonic ones

are these possible?


Kevin Athey <kevindeanathey@...>