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Saprutum Script

Date:Tuesday, April 24, 2001, 19:44
I do read the digests, honest guys, just don't get round to answering
much. Probaby because once I started I'd be at it all week, I'm sure you
understand ...

The Babel Text in Saprutum (Postscript file) now has the native script as
well as the "Romanised" version. An explanation will follow soon, but if
you want to figure it out for yourselves follow the link near the top of
my grammar page :

or get it direct as

Anyone with Linux should be able to view it with Ghostview.

The characters are at the stage of early Roman/Greek capitals, i.e. basic
lines and curves, no fancy serifs etc. I found it relatively easy to
produce this as a Type 3 (roll your own) Postscript font, but I don't know
how to turn this into anything that other software can handle. What I've
done for now is to write a Perl script that picks the Saprutum strings out
of a Latex source file, and replaces them with an "\insertgraphics"
references to temporary files that contain an appropriate Postscript
subroutine call. Then the resulting *.tex file goes to Latex and the
*.dvi file that Latex produces goes to DVIPS which combines all the pieces
into the final Postscript file. This is not ideal, but it seems an easy
way to develop a new font and play around with kerning and ligatures and
so on.

Has anyone used the GNU Fontutils package? So far I've only read some of the
documentation. They seem designed to produce "proper fonts" from scanned
images, so as I already have a font of sorts, it feels like I'd be going
"all around the houses" to get to where I need to be. Anyone know a
short cut?

Comments on the appearance and (il-)legibility of the font will be
received with interest :-)