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Word used more than once

From:Michael Adams <michael.adams1@...>
Date:Saturday, May 6, 2006, 21:05
Wierd how words debending on where they are used and
circumstances, can mean different things.

Mistress: Can mean the lady of the house, namely a term that
servants call the madame of the house or a female member of the
household they work in, but above a certain age, such as around
12 or so.. Below that age, they call the lady something else?

Mistress can also mean a women that is having an affair, but it
is all based on her relationship to the normally male persons
she is having an affair (sexual in this example) with.. Often it
seems it is a lower social status, namely she is HIS mistress
aka female lover, out of his marriage..

Gay = happy, or homosexual?

Affair = can mean an Affair (likely once was called something
more), or his affairs, such as his affairs in order, which can
include having an affair, but also can mean business affairs
(business matters and business).



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