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From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Friday, March 10, 2000, 5:58
I've been having a lot of trouble getting into this
group, and because this is my third attempt at an
introductory post, it won't be as detailed an
introduction as it was the first two times. Thanks
to Boudewijn for kind assistance and to Irina for
telling me about the list in the first place (and
for a multitude of other kind services of which
they both know well what I'm talking about).

I have no linguistic background other than a mind
that picks up trivia quite readily, and I'm here
because all creativity is fun. And because I'm
looking for people who can help me turn my five A4
pages of sketchy, incomplete, inconsistent language
design notes into something better.

The first step, though, has got to be agreeing
on a set of symbols. This email system mangles a
lot of characters - I apologise for that, but
it's a university account so there's nought I
can do about it. In my notes I use all English
letters minus 'x' and from the Greek I borrow
phi, lambda, pi and psi. There is also one
diacritical mark.

So here is a suggestion for representation, open
to comment before I finalise it:

$ = phi; ^ = lambda; # = pi; & = psi
[$], [^], [#], [&] = capital phi, lambda, pi, psi
| after letter indicates diacritical mark.

If there's no objections I'll continue...