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Re: This morning

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Sunday, July 10, 2005, 14:01
> On Friday, July 8, 2005, at 10:54 , Joe wrote: >> Ray Brown wrote: >>> Quite what the perpetrators hoped to achieve I do not begin to >>> understand. >>> On the website of the hitherto unknown group that is now claiming >>> responsibility, it talks about fear & panic being caused in London and >>> the south-east of England. That is all baloney. >>> >>> I live in the south-east of England. There is no fear or panic where I >>> am. >>> Rather a closer sense of community and a determination to carry on. >> >> Totally. People are angry, but afraid? Well, if they are, I haven't >> seen it. I'm personally simply disgusted that anyone, anyone at all, >> could even think of doing this to people. > > Exactly - if the perpetrators intended to cause fear & panic on a wide > scale, they have spectacularly failed.
My guess is that the main thing the perpetrators hoped to achieve was the murder of as many people as possible, as a means to gratify the perpetrators' hatred and inhumanity. In this respect, then, they achieved considerable success. I am hoping that the perpetrators were a large cohort of suicide- bombers, since suicide-bombers have the virtue of being self- exterminating, cleansing the world of themselves. But that virtue would be magnified enormously if only they would bomb only themselves and each other. As for fear, I think most thinking tube-travellers have been living in fear since 2001. I certainly have. But it's the sort of fear that manifests as continual low-key nausea, to which one is easily resigned and inured, rather than as debilitating abject terror or panic. --And.