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Newbie here

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Saturday, February 3, 2001, 9:53
We-ell I'm new on this list, and was recommended to write a mail introducing
myself, so here it is.

My name is Andreas Johansson (pronounced [andre:as juan:son], front a's
please), I'm a 19 years old Swede. I'm studying Natural Science-Technology
on gymnasium level, and my formal education in languages isn't much too
speak about - I've learnt English for nine years, German for five and a bit
of grammar. Most of what knowledge I have of linguistics is due to reading
books in my spare-time and being subscribed to the elfling mailing-list.

Inspired mainly by Tolkien, I began constructing conlangs a couple of years
ago. The one I've done most work on is known as "Tairezazh" and belongs to a
SF imaginary universe of mine. I've also made small bits of other speeches
of this universe, most notably Tairezazh's sister language "Steienzh" (or
"Steianzh" in Tairezazh) and their common ancestor "Xaláishu" ("Klaish" in
Tairezazh and "Xalesh" in Steienzh - the x's represent [x]).

These aren't very exotic; Tairezazh is pretty "European-style" with four
cases (nom, acc, dat and gen), two numbers (sg and pl), three tenses (past,
present and future) and 35 phonemes (five short vowels, three long vowels,
five diphthongs, six stops, eight fricatives, four affricates, two liquids
and two nasals - the /m/ phoneme can only occure initially). The commonest
word order is SVO and adjectives and genitives follow the word they govern.
There's a definite article _ez_ (often assimilated to _es_ or _e_, the later
normally written _e'_ to mark the lost _z_), but no indefinite one.


PS I've got a little question too. In a sentence like "They call me Bob",
"they" obviously is the subject and "call" the verb. But what are "me" and
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