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tunu babble text

Date:Saturday, June 10, 2000, 17:52
babel text from -- i think, correct me
otherwise-- into tunu with word-to-word sublineas.

                          Babel Text in Tunu
                Temu Babelang I Tunung Teme
               Text Babel In Language Common

    1D. And all the land was one language and few words.

    Itani tuja sela toli wa bija tunung bina itani wa jujuba matumatu.

    And land whole already be one language sole and be un-many

    2D. And it was when [they] travelled from Qedem/the east, [they]
    found a plain in the land [of] Shin`ar and [they] dwelt there.

    Itani yeye toli bajo o nonomi italo taba tuja lase i lija Sinalang,
    italo jika i mana we.

    In-and he-he did travel from un-east in-then discover land flat in
    district Shinar, in-then dwell in place that.

    3D. And [one] man said to his friend, "Come! We'll brick bricks and
    burn to a burning." And the brick was to them (to) stone, and the
    clay was to them (to) material.

    Itani bija neju toli jaka e laba ye ! Taletale, yuyo nebabya ituji
    neba itani beku ijani bekung. Italo neba wa jake itani sobe wa
    nosu e yeye.

    In-then one man say to friend him : "Come-come! you-me make-brick
    with brick and burn become burning. In-then brick already be stone
    and clay be material to them.

    4D. And they said, "Come! We'll build for us a city and a tower and
    its head [the tower's] in the sky, and we'll make for us a name,
    lest we be scattered on the face of all the earth."

    Itani yeye jaka ! Taletale, yuyo bila kemu jela bija itani nojo bule
    bija ya keli ye juti lubi, italo yuyo sajebya kibung yuyo, iboke
    yuyo kela bila kukumonya e jima jeba sela.

    Then they say : "Come-come! you-me will build city one and building
    trunk one that top its reach sky, in-then you-me make-famous name
    you-me, in-depend you-me no be-un-gathered to surface earth whole".

    5D. And YHWH descended to see the city and the tower which the sons
    of Man (had) built.

    Itani YHWH toli nonoti kite jela itani kite nojo bule ya tositosi
    Neju toli kemu yeyewe.

    Then YHWH already descend see city and see building trunk that
    child-child Man already build them-that.

    6D. And YHWH said, "Behold! one nation, and [there is] one language
    for all of them, and this they have begun to do. And now, it will
    not be denied from them, all which they [will] plot to do.

    Itani YHWH toli jaka ! Kitekite, wa bina bija juni, itani bina bija
    tunung e yeye keta, itani yeye toli tami yewo. Italo ibisa kela
    kekenanya e yeye a wisela ya yeye bila boku ye.

    And YHWH already say : "See-see, be only one people, and only one
    language to them all, and they did start it-this. In-then in-now no
    be-refused to them ACC the-whole that they will plot it!"

    7D. "Come! We will descend and we will confuse their language there,
    that [they] will not hear [one] man the language [of] his friend."

    ! Taletale, yoyo bila nonoti italo jukubya tunung yeye i mana we,
    ijate neju koto kela beka tunung laba ye ilelo.

    "Come-come! we will descend in-then make-confuse language them in
    place that, in-aim man each no understand language friend him

    8D. And YHWH scattered them from there on the face of all the earth,
    and they ceased to build the city.

    Itani YHWH toli kukumobya yeye o mana we ei jima jeba sela, italo
    yeye nejo kemu jela wo.

    And YHWH already un-make-gather them from place that to-in surface
    earth whole, in-then they stop build city this.

    9D. Therefore called its name "Babel," because there YHWH confused
    the language of all the earth, and from there YHWH scattered them on
    the face of all the earth.

    I masong wo kibumya "Babel" ikonomya i mana we YHWH jukubya tunung
    jeba sela, itani o mana we YHWH kukumobya yeye ei jima jeba sela.

    In reason this have-name "Babel" in-have-cause in place that YHWH
    make-confuse language earth whole, and from place that YHWH
    make-un-gather them to-in surface earth whole.