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Re: [Conculture] Conproverbs

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Monday, May 8, 2000, 18:53
On Tue, 2 May 2000, Padraic Brown wrote:

I should have done some kind of interlinear as well for these
proverbs. Anyway...

>Hoosickite: >po-m'-tûcam harê-os m'-clâmen-guo sûcrac-os i yâzn-i i m'-cânis-e-tôfu >: pa-anteriserot i quad- et lêrem-o m'-tôceris.
po-/pa-, acc. ptc. (nom./acc. ptcs are prefixed, others are suffixed) m'-, nom. ptc. (in this case, a nom. phrase is the object of the verb) tucam, "nose" hare, "hound" -os, nominal dat. ptc. clamen, "leg" -guo, paral ptc. sucrac, hare i, ptc. of uncertain use yazn, "say" -i, perfective ptc. canis-e-tofu, "lore master" -e-, relational ptc. (makes compound nouns, for ex.) anteriserot, "blessing" quadet, 3pl pron dat. lerem, "hold, extend" -o, habitual ptc. toceris, "Nature"
>Nose for the hound, legs for the hare; says the Wise Man; Nature holds >them this blessing. > >Here is another: > >po-quadi i pun-i i pagmen-eri m'-yazis-e-lôt : po-quadi i lâcmân-us i >pagmen-eri m'-quere-e-lôt.
quadi, 1s pron me / I pun, "heal" pagmen, "brother" -eri, posessive ptc. yazis-e-lot, "knifeblade" lacman, "infect, fester" -us, continuative / durative ptc. quere-e-lot, "tongue(blade)"
>Brother's knifeblade heals; brother's tongueblade infects.
>In the ancient Anian language: > >htoccrc-i-ftopumt-topt-'tpon ozun-îma mpîw op'-hcso : quap nofptun-um >mî-hcso quap : op'-tlopetc op'-hcso mpîw oettr-s-um mî-htoccrq.
htoccrc, "world" -i-, connective or relational ptc. ftopum, "Man" -topt, "of" posessive ptc. -'tpon, "through" a relational ptc. ozun, "go, come, leave, arrive" (here, "go") -ima, stative ptc. mpiw, "thus" a discourse ptc. op'-, acc. ptc. hcso, "ye" quap, neg. ptc. nof'ptun, "touch" -um, transitive ptc. mi-, nom. ptc. tlopetc, "woe, misery" oettrun, "give"
>Go ye through the world (of Man); touch ye (it) not; the world gives >you grief. > >and > >op'-baba átêrh-i-vlesr-s-um mpîw mî-hcso : op'-htanî oettr-s-um pîw >mî-ptumpo : op'-nganga átêrh-i-vlesr-s-um mpîw mî-hcso : op'-tplanni >oettr-s-um pîw mî-dlimcso.
baba, "father" aterh-i-vlesrun, "bless" ("give thing of heaven") -s-, intervocalic hiatus htani, "country, land" ptumpo, 3rd s pron. m. nganga, "mother" tplanni, "life" dlimcso, 3rd s pron. f.
>Bless ye your father; he gives you your country. Bless ye your mother; >she gives you your life.
>The Mentolatians have this saying: > >qua-trev-i, qua-fir-i lond-inno munt-u og-ronu
qua-, relative ptc. "with respect to" trev, "herb" -i, pl. marker firu, "mankind" lond, adv. "good" -inno, nominalising ptc.: state of, condition muntu, "mint" og, loc. ptc. ronu, "summit, highpoint"
>Of plants, for Man's health mint (is) best.