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[Conlangs-Conf] Audio/Video interviews

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 5, 2006, 3:11
One more thing I'd like to do while we have a bunch of conlangers in
the area, is do some interviews.

Basically, this would be one of two things.

On the Friday or Saturday before the conference, you meet up with me,
the lav mic, and the MiniDV cam, and we do your basic "you talk, I
prompt" interview.

During the conference itself, I might have an audio (or maaaaybe a
spare video) recorder, and I set it up as a sort of walk-up booth -
with a little list of things to cover (state your name for the record,
what you agree to, etc) - and you have at it yourself.

I'd prefer the real, videotaped interviews of course.

Questions covered would be, e.g., how/why/when did you start
conlanging; what do you like about it; how has your perspective on /
relationship with / etc conlanging changed over time; what's your
experience with other conlangers; what's your experience with
non-conlangers about conlanging; etc etc. Plus an intro of the
'usuals' (name, rank^H^H^H^H location, conlang(s), aspects/'school',
affilications if applicable), and statement on the record of how I can
use it (e.g. any or all of the following: commercial endeavor by me;
by others;; radio or TV broadcast; posting online for free (copyright
reserved); posting public domain; etc - I just want it on the record
preemptively if possible, rather than having to hunt you down later to
get permission).

If this sounds interesting - i.e. you'd volunteer to be interviewed,
interview others, or help in the process (e.g. offer the use of a
recording studio or professional quality mics / DAT recorders; help
setup; etc), or would like to have dibs on using the footage, please
let me know now.

If you want to be interviewed, tell me all time windows you'd be
available, on the fri-sat before the conference, and start thinking
about how you'd answer the obvious questions.