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Re: Aknok on Comali for Delibro (was Re: Japanese (was "Borrowing Words"))

From:Jonathan Beagley <jbeagley@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 23, 2003, 18:37
Gary Shannon wrote:

>--- Javier BF <uaxuctum@...> wrote: > ><snip> > > > >>I'd say it is similar to English quite common >>practice >>(especially in slang and colloquial speech) of >>reducing >>words to their first syllable, as in "constructed >>language" -> "conlang". >> >>Cheers, >>Javier >> >> > >This could form the basis of a cant conlang as in >ACronyms No One Knows (ACNOK) for people on the COnlag >MAiling LIst (COMALI) and other members of the >DEranged LIguistic BROtherhood (DELIBRO) > >
This reminds me of a feature of my conlang, Hloneno. Commonly used phrases and sentences are combined into "word-phrases." The only thing that makes it more interesting is that these word-phrases are used in the descendent languages where the word-phrases can no longer be broken down to get their original meaning. Example:* Hloneno: Toty eseto jet yany ev? (Your existence is peaceful?) [totaj esEto Zet janaj ev] Toteyanev? [totejanev] Sare (a descendant language): Toty eseto jet yany ev? [tU4&j Is@4U ZI? j&naj Iv] Toneavet? [tUnI&vI?] Because of the sound changes, both of these phrases have the same meaning, but the word-phrase cannot be broken up into the original phrase. * For the purposes of this example, it is assumed that the grammar has not changed. Does anyone else have a conlang that does this? Or is there some natlang that does this?