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Re: Valentine's Day Translations

From:Andrew Smith <hobbit@...>
Date:Sunday, February 21, 1999, 4:30
On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Padraic Brown wrote:

> I think the correct Brithenig is "eo ti af" (I thee love).
That's close to how I would say it: "eo dy af". Eo is one of those words that causes soft mutations on following words. Brithenig also uses disjunctive pronouns in the same way as French: "eo dy af tui", I _love_ you. Sorry about this late reply, I was away for ten days. I still haven't started on a 'reality' translation yet. On another topic I seem to remember Berlitz in one of his books on language mentioning that Spanish ojala was derived from Arabic Wa Allah (O God!) - andrew. Andrew Smith, Intheologus Difference in opinions hath cost many millions of lives: for instance, whether flesh be bread, or bread be flesh; whether the juice of a certain berry be blood or wine; whether whistling be a vice or a virtue; whether it be better to kiss a post or throw it on the fire..., with many more. - Jonathan Swift; Gulliver's Travels.