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Re: OT: French language instruction books

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 16:54
Emaelivpeith Jake:
>I'm trying to finally teach myself French and I would like to >know what you all think is the best low-priced teach-yourself >type book. IPA transcription is a must. For some reason I can't >find a good book online.
I'm looking for the exactly the same thing. I asked back at the August about it, but mostly I got comments about how someone had used such-and-such a textbook in school. I did get some tips, though: Muke suggested:
>"Hungarian: Verbs and Essentials of Grammar". I think, but am not sure, >that the other Verbs and Essentials books uses it too.
Herman Miller said:
>Some of the older Teach Yourself books used variations of IPA; for >instance, _Norwegian_ by Ingvald Marm & Alf Sommerfelt
Josh Brandt-Young wrote:
>Two that come immediately to mind are _Teach Yourself Catalan_ by Alan >Yates, and _Grammar of Contemporary Bulgarian_ by Kjetil Rå Hauge. Both are, >in my opinion, excellent resources. _Colloquial Albanian_ by Isa Zymberi >does use IPA, but not entirely accurately. _Icelandic_ by Stefán Einarsson >uses IPA (and boy do you need it with Icelandic), though I'm not sure how >highly I'd recommend it...ah, yes, _Beginner's Lithuanian_ by Leonardas >Dambriunas, though it doesn't have IPA per se, does have very complete >descriptions using accurate phonetic terminology. William Radice's _Teach >Yourself Bengali_ transcriptions come close enough to IPA that it probably >belongs in this list as well
And BP Jonsson warned:
>Though he [Stefán Einarsson, author of _Icelandic_] used |q| for [G] >according to long-standing Danish and Icelandic practice.
Finally, bnathyuw mentioned:
>hugo scots gaelic in three months
If people know of more books, Jake and I (and others, I'm sure!) would love to hear about them. :) -- AA


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