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Another note-- Norwegian?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 17, 2001, 4:31
This fell out of one of my late aunt's books.  Handwritten, quite clear
except as noted with *'s:

Jeg blir gammel *kjari du,
og mit hår dit gråner nu.
Silver stenk om *issen står,
*di gå mot de *gamli år.
Ak min kjare, kjar *er du,
gammel bliver aldrig du.
Ak min kjare, kjar *er du
gammel bliver aldrig du.

Line 1:  kjari  maybe kjare; if it's -i it is not, as noted elsewhere, not
Line 3: issen  maybe sissen, the i is clear, and there seems to be an s
crowded onto the beginning.
Line 4: di or dit-- the -t seems to have been erased.  "gamli" or gamle-- it
looks like an i but isn't dotted.  gamlV a variant of gammel?
Lines 5,7:  er  maybe ir, again, it looks like an i but not dotted. ( I do
know that _er_ is 'to be' in Norw.

Looking forward with interest.  Roger