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Tolkien-derived conlangs (was Re: basic morphemes of a loglang)

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...>
Date:Sunday, November 30, 2003, 20:21

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 18:16:35 +0200,
Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...> wrote:

> On Sunday, November 30, 2003, at 01:57 PM, Benct Philip Jonsson wrote: > > At 06:13 30.11.2003, Steg Belsky wrote: > >> Proto-Rokbei-Drughu > > > > What will you do if JRRT's actual notes on Drughu > > show up? :) Rehash the proto-language? > > Yup. Although hopefully the idea of the Rokbeigalm and the Drughu > having once been one people would still be viable at all! I don't know > whether i'd be more happy that there's more Tolkienic conlangage (sic) > in the world, or sad that i wouldn't be able to fit my Rokbeigalm in > with the Drughu anymore. :-P
This kind of problems is inevitable when trying to derive something from Tolkien's incompletely published conlangs. You must fill in many things we don't know, always at the risk that the next issue of _Vinyar Tengwar_ or some other new publication invalidates it all. It is especially difficult if one doesn't have every scrap that has been published so far at one's disposal. I know what I am talking about, because I tried to derive a conlang (Nur-ellen, for those who remember) from Sindarin. The problems mentioned above were one of the main reasons why I decided to cut it and restart the project as a creation independent from Tolkien's world and Tolkien's languages (even though a few words have survived from the old days). Greetings, Jörg.