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Re: THEORY: Betreft: Re: THEORY: Conlanging as reverse Sapir-Whorf?

From:Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <ira@...>
Date:Thursday, November 25, 1999, 20:47
On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Rob Nierse wrote:

> It appeared weird to me: I made something for Gbwia that was not > alien to my mother tongue.
I suppose you mean "that *was* alien to my mother tongue"
> I wonder if other people have that kind of experience too.
Oh yes. Impersonal constructions, collective plurals, inceptive aspect, the common-gender third person pronoun and the resumptive pronoun are all alien to Dutch, but usual in Valdyan. Irina -- Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. (myself) - (Valdyas) (home)