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Re: Euphonic phonology (Was: 'Nor' in the World's Languages)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, August 11, 2006, 23:30

Dirk Elzinga writes:
>... > I think that a strict segregation of morphology and phonology is > probably a mistake in lg creation, whatever your analytical > predilections are. For me, most of the interest in morphology is in > its interaction with phonological forms. ...
Very true. I often failed when I tried to use a phonology 'module' for a conlang. As most of my previous conlangs were engelangs, I tried to separate steps, for the sake of getting reusable 'modules', one of them being a phonology module. However, when designing a new language, it turned out that aspects from the phonology would influence morphology design quite automatically. Actually, I could not simply replace any phonology easily because it was always tight to much to the grammar. E.g. in Qþyn|gài, the consonants are used to represent semantic categories, the atomic part of the lexicon from which roots are derived (root = category + another consonant, stem = root + vowel). If I replaced the phonology, it would have to adhere to certain constraints, e.g. it must have exactly 40 consonants and it must have CVCV stems. At least if I don't want to change the grammar. (Of course, such constraints are a bit different from interactions you might get in naturalistic conlangs.) And in S11 (wordless lang), word and morpheme boundaries are shown by consonant mutation, which would need a total rework when replacing the phonology. (In this case, it may even happen that I replace the phonology, but it will require a lot of reworking and may even result in a new conlang.) And there's also interaction between morphology and syntax and also morphosyntax or phonology and lexicon, which makes conlanging so much fun. :-)
> > P.S. more details of Miapimoquitch will be welcome. > > I'm hoping to finish the morphology section of the grammar by the end > of the month; I'll be sure to let the list know when it's done.
Oh yes, please! **Henrik