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R: Graiugenic languages (was: Re: Another phonological extreme...)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, July 24, 2000, 15:42
B.P. Jonsson wrote:

> >I got to thinking about what the > >Romance languages would look like if they were Greek- instead of > >Latin-based. (Any conlangs like that around? ...) > > No, but it *is* a terriffic idea -- just what would be likely to happen in > Lucus (my alternate timeline).
O, one of my favourite books is my Greek grammar, so, yes, it's happened sometime to wonder about a world where Hellenic languages (as I called them) have conquerred a good position in Estern Mediterranean. I thought what would have happened if, i.e., Greek colonies in Asia Minor remained in Greek hands. They'd probably have retained a Neoellenikò-like dialect. But since I love highly inflecting languages, my sketches included more of Ancient Greek grammar than Modern Greek (tho even this lang is sometimes hard to learn).
> BTW, does anyone know anything about what (modern) Italiote Greek > looks/looked like? (I suppose that would be Ray, who is out capering in > the Continent...)
Yes, in Magna Graecia (Southern Italy) there are some regions where dwell Greek speaking communities, but it hasn't been already definitely said what's their origin (from pre-Roman time seems rather an impossible possibility, IMHO, but the world's full of surprises!) Luca