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Re: Lakhota, was Re: Betreft: Re: Jaars IPA Helper

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, January 14, 2000, 2:46
Rob Nierse wrote:

>BTW, is anyone familiar with Lakhota? I have a book that states that >Lakhota uses five (!) states of the glottis: >plain, ejective, aspirated, voiced and unvoiced. >Is that true? Are there more languages that have so many >distinctions? Or more?
Yes. Sindhi has five: voiceless, voiceless aspirate, voiced, voiced aspirate and voiced implosive. Quite a few African languages have five or even all six, for instance Igbo: voiceless voiced plain X X aspirate X X <-- 'breathy'? ejective X X <-- implosive or 'creaky'? Ouch. Danny ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at