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Re: Revised Tokana Reference Grammar available

From:J Matthew Pearson <pearson@...>
Date:Monday, May 21, 2001, 18:30
Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> As for the TRG, I too would like to get it, but currently I cannot read Word > 2000 files (the Mac I'm working on has only Word 98), and I'm not sure my e-mail > account would be big enough to accept 260 pages of Word files. How big is it?
It's between 2000K and 2200K, but I could send it to you in installments (it's divided into five separate documents). As for being able to read it, the computer I use at school as only Word 98, and that computer has no trouble reading my Word 2000 files. Anyway, let me know if you want me to send it. Cheers, Matt.


Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>