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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.2 (repost #1)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, September 1, 2006, 4:04
Henrik Theiling/Aidan Grey wrote:
> Last posted: April 5th, 2002
Hmmm, yes, it rings a bell. I probably replied to it then, with vocab. gaps, and the situation has not improved, i.e. the flora/fauna of Cindu are not much further developed. But anyway, to keep in practice....
> > > Vocab: > > > > 1. forest...añange, nominaliz. < ange 'tree' > > 2. mushroom (edible) about _fungi_ ['fuNgi] > > 3. to look for something...minja > > 4. To find something after searching for it...tromat > > 5. base, bottom...vaka 'bottom'; om 'base, basis' > > 6. about _lihen_ ['lixEn] > > 7. basket, bag...inar 'basket'; epilan 'any small purse/bag' > > 8. pine needles, leaves of a conifer...see below > > 9. each...pipinal < pinal 'to count'--numbers and time-words can be > > reduplicated for the sense of "every..." > > 10. always...yunda > > > > Sentences (1 per word, for now): > > > > 1. The forest is in that direction. (or "over there", said while > > pointing to it)
añange (yale) riyan [near] // riyun [far]
> > 2. I like mushrooms very much!
niya-niya malisam fungiç very-emph. I-like fungi+plur.
> > 3. I often go searching for mushrooms in the forest.
nunu macosa (ma)minja fungiç ri añange often I-go (I-)search .. LOC forest
> > 4. She kept the mushroom that I tripped over.
yaraput fungi re me cakapris ombini 3s-keep .... REL me/dat accid/trip because.of/it
> > 5. At the base of which tree did you find that mushroom?
lani angeni (yale) re hatromatka fungi yu ri vakani? which tree-its/the REL you-find-Q ... that LOC base/under-it
> > 6. There is no moss on the base of that tree.
ta yale lihen ri vaka angeyi yu not ... LOC base tree-gen. that in this case the base is actually a part of the tree, hence the need for genitive case.
> > 7. Put the mushroom in the basket.
hakukka fungi ri inare OR ...ri ondeyeni inar put-IMP ... basket-dat. LOC inside-dat-of it basket
> > 8. These baskets, the handles of which are made of pine needles, are > > useful.
inaraç taç, re acuñaçni mepu valita nayaci, [topic] ipowumit basket-pl this-pl. REL ***-pl.-their made (of) seagrass some.sort.of, 3pl-POTENTIAL-use ***"grasp" (n.), aN- nominal < çuña 'grasp'
> > 9. That is the woman to whom I give each of the mushrooms.
iye kaçuma re ne mavele fungiç piipinalni that-Fem (is) woman REL 3s/dat I-give ...
> > 10. I always go looking for mushrooms is the forest through which we > > walked today.
yunda macosa (ma)minja fungiç ri añange yu re letrayu miharakaran riyan always I-go (I)search ... LOC forest that REL today we-walk.around there (haran 'to walk')
> - elucidation, n. > an act of explaining that serves to clear up and cast light on
_añakram_ nominal. < akram '(be) clear'; note that it's the first element in _añakrangota_ 'dictionary' (+kota 'word')
> > - snap at, v. > bite off with a quick bite; "The dog snapped off a piece of cloth from > the > intruder's pants"
I think _cakici_ '1. to bite accidentally (e.g. one's cheek or tongue); 2. to get bitten by an animal' Accidental prefix caka- + hici 'bite'