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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.2 (repost #1)

From:Michael Potter <mhpotter@...>
Date:Friday, September 1, 2006, 21:55
Henrik Theiling wrote:
> Last posted: April 5th, 2002 >
Well, I needed a reason to get back on here, so here goes. It helps that Suvile already has most of these words. One day, I *will* do something with the other Idzon languages, but that day is not today.
>> From: Aidan Grey <grey@...> >> >> This week's exercises brought to you by the indirect relative and the >> letters F (for forest) and M (for mushroom). >> >> Vocab: >> >> 1. forest
alvint "forest" (this is some sort of formation on _alb_ "tree", but I don't remember how it happened!)
>> 2. mushroom (edible)
walkav "mushroom"
>> 3. to look for something
opil "to search, look for"
>> 4. To find something after searching for it
lik "to find, discover"
>> 5. base, bottom
duro "bottom, deepest part"
>> 6. moss
vus "moss" (new word)
>> 7. basket, bag
tayl "basket" (new word)
>> 8. pine needles, leaves of a conifer
k'r [kr\=] "point" (more specifically: _k'r teshale_, with _teshal_ "pine")
>> 9. each
tiþ "each"
>> 10. always
tiþesh "always" (lit. "every now")
>> Sentences (1 per word, for now): >> >> 1. The forest is in that direction. (or "over there", said while >> pointing to it)
yalvint el cirn. y- alvint 'l cirn the forest toward there (Suvile usually omits it, but you can use the verb _ya_ "to be" if you really need it.)
>> 2. I like mushrooms very much!
elm'r walkavlan omor! elm -r walkav -l -an omor like 1SG mushroom PL ACC much
>> 3. I often go searching for mushrooms in the forest.
opil'r losh walkavlan yalvintir. opil -r walkav -el -an y- alvint -ir search 1SG mushroom PL ACC the forest LOC
>> 4. She kept the mushroom that I tripped over.
irisab iwalkavan edurab iþ. iris -ab i- walkav -an edu -r -ab iþ keep PAST the mushroom ACC trip 1SG PAST that (3rd person singular is the "default" for Suvile verbs.)
>> 5. At the base of which tree did you find that mushroom?
lik'l iþ walkavan duroyr atþ albe? lik -l iþ walkav -an duro -ir atþ alb -e find 2SG that mushroom ACC bottom LOC which? tree GEN (_atþ_ is a sort of interrogative pronoun, used in questions in place of _iþ_.)
>> 6. There is no moss on the base of that tree.
ni vusan duroyr þan albe. ni vus -an duro -ir þan alb -e not_be moss ACC bottom LOC that tree GEN (_ni_ is a negative form of _ya_. It is almost never omitted.)
>> 7. Put the mushroom in the basket.
pilc iwalkavan itaylir. pilc i- walkav -an i- tayl -ir place the mushroom ACC the basket LOC Imperatives have three forms in Suvile. In increasing intensity they are: 1: basic verb form (e.g. _pilc_ [piltS]) 2: 2nd person future (e.g. _pilclud_) 3: imperative suffix (e.g. _pilci_)
>> 8. These baskets, the handles of which are made of pine needles, are useful.
iþ taylel pol yanðerl iþe krot kro teshire. iþ tayl -el pol i- anðer -el iþ -e krot k'r -o teshir -e this basket PL useful the handle PL that GEN made point ABL pine GEN
>> 9. That is the woman to whom I give each of the mushrooms.
þan len'r jiv'r tiþ walkavan. þan len -r jiv -r tiþ walkav -an that woman DAT give 1SG each mushroom ACC
>> 10. I always go looking for mushrooms is the forest through which we >> walked today. >>
tiþesh opil'r walkavler yalvinte cir pidusab idi. tiþesh opil -r walkav -el -r i- alvint -e cir pid -us -ab always search 1SG mushroom PL DAT the forest GEN where walk 1PL PAST idi today Two new vocabulary words, plus another 5 in the sentences. According to Toolbox, that brings the total up to 1114. I think the grammar was a lot harder than the vocab, though. I'm still not sure if the relatives are realistic, but Suvile is supposed to be the English of its world, and we all know how unrealistic English seems! :p -- Michael Potter Idzon Conworld: