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Re: Slaying the monster

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, August 5, 2002, 7:20
En réponse à Joe <joe@...>:

> > <g> - silent > <d> - well...[d], obviously
"Obviously"? Remind me the definition of Maggelity please? ;)))))
> <h> - fricativises the following consonant, which loses the nasal and > changes slightly, to produce [v]
The end result is correct, but the explanation is not ;))) .
> <m> - see above. > <a> - is changed by <bg> > <bg> -lifts and puts forward the previous vowel, possibly also > lengthening > it.
Nice idea, but sooo wrong :)) .
> <i> - well, <i> is often [I]
Hehe, nice trap is that one isn't it? :)))
> <s> - [z] on a final >
If only it was so simple ;)))) .
> Well, that's my take on it >
Anyway, I think you read the right answer by now :) .
> therefore, I'd guess a made up word: > > <gbhdobgas> > would be pronounced: > /bDI:az/ > > I'm probably wrong, but it could be... >
Well, according to the rules of Maggel's orthography, you'd be wrong, but since less than half the words in Maggel obey those rules... ;))) And I like the word you made, though to fit it a little better to the rules (since Maggel words are rarely completely irregular, that wouldn't be fun ;))) ), I'd rather pronounce it ['bGV:I.@z]. That's because |hd| is most often [G], and the use of preposed |g| for length is quite regular. But given the amount of irregularity of the orthography of Maggel, your proposal would be possible too. In fact, I like your word!!! :)) I'm gonna include it in the vocabulary of Maggel. What meaning would you give it? ;)))) Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.