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Re: Newest natlang?

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 10:57

Philip Newton writes:
>... > Knowing German helps, but it's still hard to understand in places.
I wonder whether some words are direct translations from German, like _chokestuff_ 'Stickstoff' and _sourstuff_ 'Sauerstoff'. They look so much like German. Some are direct translations from Greek, obviously, like _sunstuff_ 'helium' and _bernstonebit_ 'electron', but this could be expected. Often I found that Chinese has interestingly different formations, e.g. 'middleheart' for 'center'. And Dutch is great for Germanic stuff, especially in math and linguistics. E.g. _raaklijn_ 'tangent'. Ok, 'lijn' isn't originally Germanic, and I do not know the cognate of 'raken' in English (for 'to touch'). Maybe 'to reach' (but the sound shifts are not obvious to me)? Then _reachstroke_ could be a tangent. Or _bijvoegelijk naamword_ 'adjective'. And _stelsel_ 'system', one of my favourites. **Henrik


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