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[Fwd: Re: Conlang Flags (was "Digest-- Flags, millionaire, etc. (mostly OT)")]

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 21, 2000, 7:12
Oops, I accidentally sent this to Muke Tever him (her?) self rather than
the whole list. Oops.
Muke Tever wrote:

> Nah.. perhaps just a ...oh wait. > > Flags of conlangs: > > > Er, yes... A language flag's design should have something important to the > language, not just speakers in one country/culture or another.... which > makes it difficult. > > ObConlang: What would _your_ conlang's flag look like? Why? > > There were at least two different flags for my last conlang... one was more > location-centric (green with a white horizontal stripe, and on the stripe > the Pillars of Hercules--a modified Andalusian flag) and another more > generic (a white triangle with red, yellow, and blue corners representing > the different races of speakers, with a location-specific emblem in the > center).
<snip> Ajuk's flag, and the flag of the Ajuk nation, and I'm making this up as I go along, because the Ajuk conculture is still very undeveloped, a solid red field, with 3 bars, all of the same width, running from the bottom left to the top right corners of the flag. The outer two bars would be black, the inner one white, and written in the white bar would be "Zot uzibi dankhinib" - essentially, "Superiority through Unity" It's pronoused, for those who want to know, as /zot uz.'ib.i'ib/. The reason of this is that the Ajuk people feel, on the whole, that by acting as one of their own free will, they will in the end remain supreme. While Ajuk (which is the name of the people, the language, and the nation, but the language could be called "Ajuki Serek", or contracted (which happens quite often in Ajuk), "Ajukserek") is a parlimentary democracy, most actions proposed by the government are either supported or opposed unanimously by the people, in the impression that by accepting a small personal loss the Ajuk as a whole will emerge victorious. Also, what is the email adress to subscribe the conculture list, so I can discuss Ajuk culture over there? I never did come across it anywhere. -- Robert