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[Conlangs-Conf] Conference profits

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Thursday, April 27, 2006, 3:30
I just got the updated financials from our ASUC liaison (whom I forgot
to thank at the talk, and should have - Millicent has been really
really helpful for behind-the-scenes stuff!).

This includes all expesnses up to now (including food & reimbursements
to people who bought stuff for the conference), except for about $100
in reimbursements to me for miscellansous stuff, a $100 donation check
I forgot to deposit earlier, an d about $36 from one of the grants
that will transfer into Progams once it goes through (about a month).
Plus a bit of accounting that transfered the money into the more
usable account.

Programs account (strings attached - not usable on food, poofs away at
end of June):

Miscellaneous account:
$905.68 (!!!)

That's way more than I was expecting it to be, but Jeff Burke's
nonappearance meant that the money I'd budgeted for his ticket & hotel
(a fair amount) didn't get spent (I can't reimburse for services not
rendered, or related expenses), so with that clause it's about right -
I was expecting $100-500. It also incoproates some lastminute savings
I scraped off the budget - eg getting the projector from ASUC rather
than ETS (free vs $100).

So as I said - after paying out any final expenses, all of it will go
towards the next conference. That should be somewhere around $900 -
not a bad seed amount. :-)

FWIW, in case you're thinking I was overstating the need earlier -
nope, not really. The $100-500 I was expecting as profit is the amount
needed just for the 'contingency fund' (which definitely got used).

So, yes. Thanks to all of you.

 - Sai