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Re: OT: YACLD - Yet another conlang dream (about Wenedyk)

From:Tristan <kesuari@...>
Date:Friday, June 27, 2003, 11:32
On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 07:12, Christophe Grandsire wrote:

My email setup is being evil and refused to give me about half of the
past week's mail (starting in drips and drabs and increasing until
today, when it gave me nothing). So I was wondering how CONLANG managed
to get down to *10* emails yesterday, but getting no mail today kinda
hinted that something was awry.

> The point is that I already can do that, if I feel like it. I still have in > my head a good idea of my dream of the quest for the Magic Carrot, and yet > I had this dream more than 6 months ago. I abandoned the dream-writing > thing because it just took time while bringing me nothing I couldn't do > already.
I wouldn't bother either, but read below for why.
> Of course, I don't remember all my dreams the same way, but it depends more > on the phase of my sleep I'm in when I wake up rather than anything else. > For instance, if I wake up naturally rather than by the alarm-clock, I will > already remember my dream better than if I wake up with the alarm-clock. > And I even have some control over what I dream (I very often know I'm > dreaming). The problem is that usually the circumstances in the dream don't > allow me to exercise that much control ;))) .
That would be lucid dreaming, I believe. Most of my nightmares are sort of like that (and most of my lucid dreams are nightmares), except that the control I have is only to get myself into the trouble that's going to cause the otherwise non-nightmare into a nightmare. And I can't not excercise it, either. But I can turn it into nightmares in all sorts of weird and wacky ways. (They always seem to have a pattern, though... I have a normal dream earlier that night and become convinced that I have to do a particular thing, I keep forgetting to do it, and when I finally get around to doing it, I get lost and things just get worse from there. But I *choose* to make them get worse. Why I particularly want to be fleeing for my life from a maniac trying to kill me, I don't know. And why, if I attempt to get any help, would I want the people I'm asking for help to accuse me of being the person doing all the murders, I don't know. And why, given that I've 'chosen' for these things to happen, I'm scared witless, I don't know.) Most of my normal dreams that I remember are entirely too boring to be bothered recounting. And essentially serve no purpose other than to plant a memory of having to do something. And that's about all I can remember of them. -- Tristan