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Re: (CHAT/OT) Left-handed '6'

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 23, 2002, 18:39
Muke Tever wrote:
>From: "John Cowan" <jcowan@...> > > Dvorak is the name of the inventor (not the same as the composer > > Antonin!). > >But a near relative of of Antonin. >(However the keyboard inventor dropped the diacritic from his last name, so >people who talk about [d@vorZ{k] keyboards are hypercorrecting...)
I've always said [dvorSak], but more to the point, did he change the pronunication too, or did he just surrender to the English graphemic inventory? Andreas _________________________________________________________________ MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: