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Is Microsoft conquering the world?! (Re: Orthographies withlotsa diacritics)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Sunday, May 28, 2000, 17:28
"Daniel A. Wier" wrote:
> Uh, ixnay on Cherokee script then. Not for three vowels. Arabic maybe, but not > Cherokee.
Why's that a problem? Simply don't use the syllables for the vowels not used.
> > Also (who wrote this?), I should've thought that many national language scripts > are the result of collaberation between natives and "palefaces", and I wouldn't > impose my own standards on anybody else just because it suits me. At least I'll > try not to. ;) Anyway, I was thinking of making Latinate scripts more in > conformity to global standards for the purpose of easing use of computers and > the Internet. > > Navajo is fine by me as it is, and Cherokee is too distinctive and beautiful, > though of course a Latin transcription isn't out of the question. (There are > now some modified transcription schemes that do not use v as a vowel, and also > are more accurate to actual pronunciation, since a lot of Cherokee characters > can have several consonant or vowel values.) Choctaw also does fine as it is, > but for sake of Latin-1 accomodatability, I'd use acute accents for length and > circumflex accents for nasal (or some kind of setup), and a or o-tilde for the > script V letter, the nasal-schwa thingie. Or the o-umlaut, or o-slash... > > And leave "sh" and "ng" (?) as is, as long as you won't have s+h sequences, and > I don't think that ever happens. For the surd lateral fricative, maybe use "x" > or something? > > DaW.
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