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From:Joe Mondello <mondello@...>
Date:Thursday, February 3, 2000, 19:51
I'm currently working on a project I'm calling L5, because it's the
fifth really ambitious project I've done.  I want to start out
improvising and gradually see syntactic structures emerge.  what i have
so far are a few short translations of nursery rhymes.  The English
names in them remain the same, and all the morphemes are separated by
dashes.  what I was wondering is, would anybody like to try to isolate
the meanings of the individual morphemes.  I'll give a few of the not so
obvious ones, but I am wondering if it will be clear to others what
means what based on previous knowledge of the rhymes.  Here they are:

U MacDonald-es sserv ttay-man-tu dal
i ay i ay o
ttay-man-ev kun
i ay i ay o

etc. etc. etc.

U Mary-se pon-tu e-reva dal
u ap-tu-se ganji nev de ol-go-se
tor Mary man-way-se
pon eli rey-a-ev

Jack sa Jill kra de lem-se
pay sus de kolba cci
Jack mel-se ras
ssor fel de ccek
Jill eli sa rey ras

there are as yet no homonyms, so each morpheme always means the same
things.  the most difficult morphemes to figure out, I would guess, are:

kun-    duck
ssor-   skull
sus-    water
lem-    top
e-      not
ganji-  hair
ol-     white

Otherwise i would guess someone should be able to determine the meaning
of each morpheme

Joe Mondello