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Noun tense + pater noster

From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Monday, July 22, 2002, 21:09
hmmm ! since it was my fault we got onto noun tenses (
no apologies tho ), i thought i ought to think through
how i would approach noun tenses in bac.

from the catll catch the mousell example it looks like
i'll have to decide whether a noun tense to a thing
existing in the time frame of the verb at a particular
other point in its existing, or whether it can be used
to refer to a precursor or successor stage in
something's existence.

as my verbs have tenses too, i think i prefer the
latter, at least for simple constructions ( i might
consider having, eg, synthetic perfect tenses of nouns
to generate the other type of meaning ).

anyway, as an exercise i tried doing a translation of
the pater noster.

sochot ibasr
father-my (the heavens)
—soc=man, sochot=my/our father
—sibar=star, ibasr=star orbit

bnacer Penricase khrist
(the name)-your being-it-(in such a way)-& christian
—suffixed subject marks imperative
—'-as' anticipates the following clause
—'-e', 'and' is enclitic
—bac uses names of religious figures to mark holiness
in different religions, having no such terms of its

tnayttera reyg Penricase
the-place-your-[apposition] king being-it-(in such a
—royalty is again an alien concept. the latin root is

Canratase lirer gay |
performing-[neuter]-(in such a way)-& wish-your (the

Peras ibasr ||
IS-(in such a way) (the heavens).
—IS is tenseless
—'-as' recapitulates the anticipatory '-as's earlier

ogres Darer dalakot oygres Rap shot
(the day)-this PUT-you (the bread)-my (the future
day)-this (go to) me
—gor=sun, daylight ogr=daytime, day
—dar=situation Dar=cause a situation, usually
translatable as 'put'
—oygres . . . NOUN TENSE !

Dareras doyb Ter shot |
PUT-you (the future serious transactions) (go away
from) me,
—dab=transaction dob=serious transaction, repayment
doyb=future serious transaction, unsettled repayment,

shot Danr Ter tadboytot ||
I putting (go away from) the-(people who have future
serious transactions to perform)-my.

Rap Sucer Gil shot Rap lhirr |
and never-you (be with) me (go into) (desire
—rap here, fronted, means 'added on to this',
'moreover', 'and'
—'be with me' would be 'wer sot Gil', 'wer Gil shot'
means 'take the lead in doing something together'
—lir=desire lirr='lots of desires in one place,

Ter Giler shot Ter dus ||
but (be with)-you me (go out of) (the bad) ||


whew ! i hope there aren't too many mistakes there.


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