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Cardinal points

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Saturday, August 19, 2000, 7:32
Well, AFMC, in Tvern El there are THREE cardinal points: North, Southwest,
and Southeast.  Something to do with their cosmology.


>From: DOUGLAS KOLLER <LAOKOU@...> >Subject: Re: Cardinal points (was: CHAT: living conditions/conditionally > Re:MiscellaneousNonsense) > >From: "Thomas R. Wier" > > > For languages that developed > > in flat plain-like regions where reference points are few and far >between, >like > > the Pueblo languages of New Mexico and Arizona, there is a tendency for > > cardinal-point directional systems. In those languages in particular, >there are six > > cardinal points: the four European ones, plus the zenith and nadir. > >Oh, now, stop that. In Géarthnuns, there are seven cardinal points. On the >celestial sphere, there are the six you've just mentioned plus a "you are >here" spot at the core, the ego-point, where the speaker is at that moment. >The terms "zenith" and "nadir" never even occurred to me as possible >definitions; I was labelling them clumsily as "up, upwardness" and "down, >downwardness" (though these concepts are also included). I've had to go >back >to the lexicon (which I was working on this afternoon), and add these >entries therein. How am I to catch up on the lexicon when you keep >proffering better, additional translations for Géarthnuns concepts? What's >next, a relay?! :) > >Kou >
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