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Rihana-ye Babel Text

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, January 17, 2004, 8:51
I have finally translated the Babel text (RSV Bible) into Rihana-ye. I
hestitated to do this, since unlike most of my conlangs Rihana-ye has no
conhistorical contact with the Bible,but I thought it was worth doing as a standard
exercise. I was pleased I only had to create about half-a-dozen new words to do it.
John Leland

Babela-che Varoha
Babel-about Speech

Zewa-me fufe naha by fivaroha ge dife divaroha-fe wivaro.
Nowtime-in all earth one language and few words spoke.
Ge ba-fe zatona-ke wivejomiwa-me veba-fe Sinaruna-me
And men sunriseland-from weregoingtime-in they Sinar-in
finina wizecho ge vehana-me *wilefo. Ge veba-fe seseve-de
plain found and there-in settled. And they each other-to
wivaro: " Vejo-vi-ki *nasa-fe jo-vi-ki ge veha-fe fu po-vi-ki.
said "Go-will-desire bricks make-will-desire and them greatly burn-will-desire
Ge veba-fe sa-jele nasa-fe ge *fesa-jele *yawama wifebo.
And they stone-as bricks and mortar-as pitch took.
Se-ve veba-fe wivaro: "Vejo-vi-ki seba-fe-deke fibasa jo-vi-ki
This-after they said "Go-will-desire us-for city make-will-desire
ge *tebasa fe veha-ye teha ta-fe-me, ge seba-fe-deke sevaroha
and tower with its top heavens-in, and us-for name
jo-vi-ki heje seba-fe fufe naha-ye *teha-te fuvethe *sekevejo-vi-si.
make-will desire lest we all earth-of top-on very far scattered-will-be
Ge Tivaba ba-fe-ye bada-fe wijo-si fibasa ge tebasa cho-gi wino.
And Mangod men-of sons made city and tower see-to went down.
Ge Tivaba wivaro: "Cho-bi, veba-fe by bakaha. ge veba-fe fufe
And Mangod said: "See-must, they one people and they
by fivaroha varo, ge se ha hefe by-i veba-fe-je
one language speak, and this thing only first them-by
jomiha, ge zewa-me veba-fe heha jo-gi vevajo-vi veba-fe
doingthing and now-in they nothing do-to plan will them
-deke *hejo-i. Vejo-vi-ki seba-fe no-vi-ki. ge vehana-me
-for impossible. Go-will-desire we go down-will-desire and there-in
veba-fe-ye fivaroha hejivajo-vi-ki, se kere veba-fe
their language confuse-will-desire, this from they
seseveba-fe-ye varoha he valejo-vi-ji. Se kere
each other's speech not understand-will-can. This from
Tivaba se hana-ke fufe naha-ye teha-te veba-fe *sekevejo,
Mangod this place-from all earth-of top-over them scattered.
ge veba-fe fibasa basajo-mi *wihevejo. Se kere se fibasa-ye
and they city building stopped. This from this city
sevaroha Babela sevaro-si, *hake vehana-me Tivaba fufe
name Babel was named, because this place Mangod all
naha-ye teha-te *velethe wisekejo
earth-of-top-over far scatterd."