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OT: Eurocents (was: Types of numerals)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 17, 2006, 21:19
"Julia \"Schnecki\" Simon" wrote:

>I assume that some >reeeeeally clever people out there take great care to use their credit >card for anything that would be rounded up and pay everything else in >cash, and then they brag about all the pennies they're saving. ;-)
I don't know about that, but the meanness article that appeared in Helsingin Sanomat two weeks ago mentioned people who make sure their grocery bills always end with .X2 or .X7 cents for maximal benefit.
>A friend of mine, a fellow German-living-in-Finland, travels between >Germany and Finland quite frequently, so she usually has insane (to >Finns, anyway) amounts of one- and two-cent coins. When some >salesperson annoys her (with sloppy service or whatever), she uses >these coins to annoy them right back... Even in Finland these small >coins are legal tender and have to be accepted as such. (You still >have to pay the rounded prices, though.)
I've wondered what would they do if someone paid for an X.X5 € purchase with X.X plus three 2-cent coins and demanded back their one cent change. :) John Vertical