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Re: Naming Mythical creatures

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Saturday, January 22, 2005, 0:02
Neat stuff Jorg!

For the Saalangal, spirits tend to have a range of benefic and malefic
qualities, but there are some things which are considered entirely
evil. I can't find anything that's entirely good though. This suggests
that the Saalangal believe nothing is entirely without motive for
helping itself, or free of feelings of anger or spite. They do believe
things can move beyond those negative qualities, however.

A few totally evil creatures are:

Inugok - Said to be humans who've died, but their left hand soul has
remained within the body, while the right hand soul moves on. The left
hand soul is said to harbor the negative attributes, and when this
remains behind, it is said the inugok hungers for internal organs
within the lower abdomen (this is said to be the area the two souls
reside). The inugok is always someone new to town. The Saalangal take
the dead outside of the village along a rather round about trek to
prevent the possibility of an inugok trying to come home.

They usually look rather haggard and smell of slightly of blood. They
tend to live on the outskirts of town. It is believed one becomes an
inugok due to dying from accident, illness, or eating the food of an
Inugok.  However sometimes it happens without a known cause. The
inugok hate anything with a sour or spicy flavor. Their food will lack
spices and will not include anything sour. They usually kill people
wandering alone on the outskirts of the village after midnight.

Nyanti - Appears as a beautiful woman or man near a calm forest pool.
Entices person to enter into the water to swim, where the nyanti pulls
the person under and imprisons them in their underwater home.
Recognized by a pitch black tongue and eyes without pupils.

Aypanis - Appears as a ground fog, but is not moved by wind. Said to
surround its victim, and inhabit the lungs. It eats the lungs, and
cause the victim to cough up blood. It does not like betel quid and
avoids those who chew it, or carry three betel nuts with them.

Balaka - Like a great snake with three eyes and three horns. Said to
poison the ground with its venom. Eats those who venture near its

The above names have no meaning or known etymology.

 I admit, I've used the Latin names of various palm genuses for the
names (Neanthe, Aiphanes, Balaka) :)

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