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Idzon website now up

From:Michael Potter <mhpotter@...>
Date:Thursday, June 23, 2005, 21:27

esh roki igeþelepald Idzone! iril sadelan keto þan ishakurar eken
Suvile: isa oyn, isagr Babel, isol Swadesh, in igænilet Suvile. kricrud
ingil yudir. liklud ipaldan e

(OK, now in English)


The Idzon website is now up! It has 4 pages that I have written about
Suvile: the introduction, Babel text, Swadesh list, and a page about all
the endings in Suvile. I will add more soon. The site can be found at

(Now, back to lurking...)

Michael Potter
Idzon Conworld: