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Re: Mordvin (was Re: Questions about Hungarian)

From:Racsko Tamas <tracsko@...>
Date:Thursday, May 6, 2004, 19:24
On 5 May 2004 Trebor Jung <treborjung@...> wrote:

> I've never heard of that language before (except in a post by Tamás). > Does it have any other names? Where is it spoken? Where can I find some > information on it?
Mordvin competes with Estonian in being the 3rd biggest Uralic language. It's spoken in the Volga-Kama region and has two literary languages, the larger eastern Erza (or: Erzya) and the smaller western Moksha. The Mordvin together with Cheremiss (or: Mari) and the extinct Muroma forms the Volgaic group of the Finno-Ugric languages. I don't know good literature in English on the web, however there're some short descriptions: <>, <>, <>