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Lego revision 2.0!! @*%! (was Re: Help! Phonology From Hell!)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Friday, October 26, 2001, 23:47
    I have been learning so much from the list lately and I have been getting
deeper into phonology & basic phonemes as found in most of the worlds
    At the risk of sounding like I can't get my ideas "fixed" -*gigglabye*
_id'ee fixe_, I wanted to bounce this idea off all your erudite brains; I
have been thinking hard on this for way too many sleepless nights lately.

    Since I am so fascinated with Greek roots in ISV (Internationale
Scientific Vocabulary/ies), but also intrigued by both Auxlangs &
    TA-DA DADA... I am scrappin' the Italian-fixation _id'ee fixe_, hehe - &
goin' to go with a phonemic "spellin' re-morph-ation" of Lego's
technoscientic Greek roots roughly along these lines:


    /a  i  u  p  t  k  m  n  s  l/   _l_ can be a liquid, semi-vowel


    /b  d  e  g  f  h  o  w/  _w_ can be a liquid, semi-vowel

    3rd RANK:

    /r  v  z  ch  sh  y/  y as in _yin-yang_, _yeah_, _yes_, etc.

    AND limited use of "schwa" ===> _:_ in my distinctive orthographic style

    _th_ (thorn in my side ;P~) is avoided - _dh_ /dh/ is used instead

    Some of my tentative, ruff-sketch Lego words so far:

    _kh:tona_ from "chthonos", of the earth & underworld (mythic/poetic)...

    _seluna_ from "seleno" (& "luna").... selenography

    _dhanata_ from "Thanatos".... thanatology

    _saelio_ from "helio" ... heliotopography (& "sola-")

    _teknoesi_ from "techno-", "noe(tics)" + "gnosis" (my neologism - so far
- for "science") ... _kosma-teknoesi_ : "astronomy" & all sciences related to
the cosmos, heavens, stars, etc.

    _aleagenesi_ "alea(toric)" + "genesis" ===><evolution>
    (additionally: _aleagenesi daida_ means "chance creation art" related to
both Dada [_daida_ is from "Daidalos" - Greek origin for Latinized
"Daedalus"]  & _aleagenesi daida_ is relatedable to _lila_ - Sanskrit,
"divine creative play."

    _khroma_/_khromo_ "chroma" <see remarks below>

    To avoid un-natural/un-scientific word-root endings of these Greco-radi,
I am thinking of vowel endings based on a  _yin_ (_a_) & _yang_ (_o_)
gender-system. . . basically:

    YIN = _a_

    feminine, moon, water, earth/Earth, darkness/night, clouds, soft,
receptive, even numbers, Dionysus/Dionysian, etcetr.a

    YANG = _o_

    masculine, sun, sky/heaven(s), stars, light/day, sunshine, hard,
active/creative, odd numbers, Apollo/Apollonianism, etcetr.o

    [NOTE: _e_ (as in _cafe_) is a "balanced" neuter vowel - but if I used
"e" everywhere, Lego ends up sounding like a PIG-GREEK not unlike Latin
macaronics or even "pig Latin" (but I am not ruling out this nice, playful
neo-Dadaistic Novial touch entirely...
    it would sure make it easier to create Lego's vocabulary and make Lego
even more like genderless, isolating languages... but less
"natural(istic)"... then of course I could & do also end words with _i_, _u_,
_w_, _l_ or _y_ - which can also fit into some semi-random _wu-hsing_ (five
phases) yin-yang system ;) ]

    Lego is still syntactically a semi-isolatin'/analytical SVO conlang (but
with much word-compounding). For example - using English - a tentative (!)
syntax example:

    Cyberneticsbrain this one fast PAST belong me before you PAST know me, la.
    Subj.Noun   Dem  Num  Adj                Verb   DO  Prep     IO  etc.

    "This was my one fast computer before you met me."

    I realize that the strange order of <NounNoun Demonstrative Number
"violently violates" Greenberg's Implicational Universals... but I have come
across data that there are a few languages that have this actual noun phrase
system (as well as <Noun Dem Adj Num> like saying:

 "Dog this nasty one PAST bite me on me leg here pain & blood-splatter
two-times, la."

    This one nasty dog bit me on my leg twice {making it} painful and bloody."


"He PAST believe he idea he PAST know language-kind kid PLU IRL PAST make: it
FUT creole, la."

"He [Derek Bickerton] was convinced he knew what sort of language the kids
would invent: it would be a creole." <quote from Discover magazine, April
1992, "Kids, Creoles, and Coconuts," pp. 44-53>

     _Syntax with like this_ ;) , IMHO one can create a very "recursive,
self-similar" sentence order (& strangely attractive in a poetic sense ;)
Fractal Syntax, eh??? Chaos Theory applied, anyone???

    Feedback, anyone? *gigglabyte*...

    czHANg... T.U.L.A.U. (Tearin' Up Language(s) As Usual)