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Self-segregating Semitic Morphology

From:Logan Kearsley <chronosurfer@...>
Date:Monday, September 8, 2008, 4:53
Thought 1- building vocabulary based on consonantal roots allows for a
large and powerful derivational system without having to resort to
long strings of agglutinating affixes.
Thought 2- self-segregating morphology is kinda cool.

It would be neat if these two ideas could be combined. Unfortunately,
most self-segregating morphology schemes are based on limiting the
shapes of syllables that are allowed in certain positions, which seems
directly contradictory to the idea of a derivational system that's
based on changing syllable shapes around a consonantal root.

Any ideas on how to get around that? Or is it inevitable that trying
to implement self-segregating morphology will severely restrict how
much of the total pattern space you can use in a consonantal root



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