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Weekly vocab 26 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, October 18, 2003, 20:42
1. inspiration-- andracuñ çehanga 'assistance spiritual' (for now)
Whither the inspiration?
riyene andracuñ çehanga?
to-where help spirit-ADJ.

2. heaven-- neleç, pl. of nele 'sky'
If I go up to the heavens, it is absent.
pun mamenjar ri neleçe, riyan ta yale
if I-rise/go up to ..../dat., there not it-is

3. pit -- evun
If I descend into a pit, it is not there
pun mapambun ri evune, riyan ta yale

4. wing-- hendurin (the membranous "wings" of the various local gliders)
If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the
pun masumbul umit henduriñi hayaros, pun mayukeçen ri andopra nava roçeyi...
if I-rise using wing-its dawn, if I-INCH-reside LOC other-side far

5. to guide-- saren
even there I search for my muse to guide me.
kamu riyan, maminja çehamayeni re me saren(do)
even there I-search  spirit-dat-of it REL me/dat guide(FUT)

6. nothing-- tapes, tape-tapes more emphatic
I find nothing in its place.
ri yurun yu, tapes matromat
LOC place that, nothing I-find

7. creativity-- akivus vara ahan 'skill in-order-to create'
me cakunayo akivusimi var ahan, akivusmi va tromat ta yasaño
me/dat ACCID-abandoned skill-gen-my in-order create,
skill-my in-order discover/invent not it-endures

8. miserable-- nulandulañ < nulañ 'sad'
I am become a miserable creature to behold, without originality, without
(mende) mayukar kaç re nulandulañ, inga çañukeyi, inga ambilayi
(PERF) I-become person REL ....., without imagination-gen, without

9. to succeed-- laranda
I determine to succeed alone, without my muse's control
mamepu vunu lire mam mesa laranda, inga andracuñ çehamayimi
I-make course w.r.t. I one succeed, without help spirit-gen-my

10. beside-- ri vora 'at side....'
Achieving all I reach for alone, I see she has been beside me the whole
mam mesa popole yuno andeçambi, matikas mowa re yalesa yunda ri vorami.
I one achieve-at-last all aspiration(s)-my, I-see but/however that 3s-be-PAS
always at side(acc)-my