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OT: coins (Was: Types of numerals)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, January 7, 2006, 14:42

Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...> writes:
>... > :-) And another good reason for keeping pennies - easy way to save up > large sums of money!
Ok, I will start today! (Using cents, of course)
> Anyways, I never have more than 4 pennies in my wallet at any given > time, because I use them. Like, if something were priced, say, $7.51, > and I had a $10 bill and, say, a couple dimes and a penny, I'll pay > $10.01, to minimize my change. (Admittedly, I'm semi-OCD on that > issue ... I've been known to give a cashier $23.01 for a $7.51 > purchase - > $15.50 in change, the most compact change I could come up with with > what I had on me)
Haha, errrm, I do exactly the same. Should be 22.01, BTW... I did trigger off strange looks and did puzzle some cashiers who would get totally confused about how much to return. People are especially puzzled when I pay, say, 10.05 for 9.95, because they probably think that is doesn't change anything compared to paying simply 10.00: it's one coin in return in either case (5ct both 10.00 and 10ct for 10.05). *But*, of course, may wallet will contain one coin less after the transaction!
> > prices are X.99 EUR. And then you've got half a dozen > > pennies in your wallet and cannot get rid of them because > > hardly anybody accepts them. > > Even in increments of one or two? That surprises me! If they give > them out, why wouldn't they accept them? ...
Well, I think they do except them, actually. I've never encountered strange looks (only happy smiles, maybe) when paying exactly 7.98 EUR using 5 + 2 + .50 + .20 + .20 + .05 + .02 + .01. Of course, paying 1 EUR with 100 * 1ct will most probably create some discussion, but so will paying 100 EUR with 100 * 1 EUR.
> One really has to wonder what the EU was thinking setting the Euro at > a value that made .01 so nearly worthless. They should've set it at > about 5 times that value, so that a 1-cent piece would've been more > worthwhile.
I didn't understand it either. Finland eliminated the 1ct and 2ct coins quite immediately and if I had been King of Europe, I would probably have done the same for my whole empire and would have additionally defined 20 newEUR := 1 oldEUR (meaning, of course, 1 newEUR = 5 oldCents) so that no cents would have been needed anymore. I don't like two units for one type of thing too much. Also, I would probably have founded a commision for single-syllable nick names for 'Euro' in all the language of my empire. And then, after a few years, I would have introduced Tok Pisin as the official language. (Or maybe not, who knows. :-))
> A lot of Americans just put their coins in their pocket. I prefer > keeping it in my wallet, as its more efficient, but lately I've been > looking for a new, nicer, wallet, and you just can't find men's > wallets with a coin-pocket. Very annoying.
Really!? That's strange. Do you think there's a market for buying them here and putting them on eBay for sale in the US? :-)) **Henrik


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