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A language idea

From:Patrick Jarrett <gtg346g@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 23, 2003, 14:16
So I've been on and off the list for a while, lurked for the grand
majority of it. But having been found by another conlanger on campus I'm
returning to my love of creating languages.

I am just beginning actual linguistic courses, as limited as they may
be, here in the Tech school. And it was during one of these classes the
idea came to me. So let me run the idea by all of you and see what you
might bring up for discussion around it. The trick is for me to figure
out how to describe it.

So say we have the word "dul'tanath"

dul- : one of the masculine prefixes
tanath : root word for human

So this translates as 'man' - simple enough.

But then to make a sentence, the verbs are infixes to the subject of the

dulshaytanath is "the man runs"
dulshaytanathep is "the men run"

Tenses are not made up yet but they will end up prefixing the whole thing.

And then the most fun I've had with it so far is the genitive case,

duldulshaytanathtanathep is "The man of the men runs" where the
possession is an infix to the possessor.

General layout of building of words -
(verb tense) + (gender) + (verb) + (noun root) + (number)

The verb and verb tense are currently optional since not all nouns will
have the verbs infixed.

So, comments? Questions?


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