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Re: Fyksland Headline News Weekly - 200108

From:Kvasir - Vaijskä <kvasir@...>
Date:Monday, August 13, 2001, 19:20
Thanks for the comment! It's good to finally know people have been reading them
and appreciating them!

about the "Fyksland vs. Fyskland" issue, that confusion is actually resulted
from anglophones found it easier to pronounce /fVksland/ rather than /fVskland/
from the original "Vaijskä" /faisk/.
The k is inserted because we have the habit of adding a stop after the /V/.

(/V/ is the same as the upside down /v/ as in "but")

The name of the country entered through dutch rather than directly into
english. Vaijskä (VK) -> Fyslanden (NL) -> Fyksland (EN)


--- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote:
> >Vaijskäna Niehæteren Ugea / Weekly News from Fyksland > > > >Fresh off the press! English Edition 200108 is now availble online > at: > > > > These are always interesting and sometimes quite amusing. > (Unfortunately, > I persist in reading Fyksland as "Fyskland" :-) ).
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